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Make Money as a TRDCRFT Partner.

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This program is closed until further notice.

The TRDCRFT affiliate program is a way to earn money by directing new members to this site and get paid like a partner.

As you know, TRDCRFT is a paid membership site. We currently charge $5 a month or $25 a year for the membership (subject to change). As a partner / affiliate, you will receive exactly 50% of all the membership fees you direct us from new members. Since both membership types are recurring monthly or yearly, you will also earn the 50% each month or year for every member for as long as they maintain the account.

Let's say you refer 100 monthly members this month. Splitting the membership with us 50/50, you would make $250 USD. Assuming all 100 of those members keep their accounts for a full year, you would earn an additional $250 every month or $3000 for the year. If you refer 100 yearly members, you would earn $12,500 every year.

Each partner will receive a unique link of which you use to gain members.  You can actively promote it as a side hustle or share a post once in a while to your socials when you see something interesting on the site that you think they'll like. All the technical, referral tracking, bookkeeping and payments are handled by FirstPromoter. You will have your personal dashboard to create links, see your profit history, setup how you'll get paid and more.

Commissions are paid monthly via PayPal, Wise or cryptocurrency.

You can become a partner here in minutes or contact us for questions.