This is a giveaway for the private keys to a wallet with 1,000,000 Satoshi (.01 BTC) via a scavenger hunt, with this site being the hunting ground.

a year ago

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This is a giveaway for the private keys to a wallet with 1,000,000 Satoshi (.01 BTC) via a scavenger hunt, with this site being the hunting ground.

The first cryptocurrency scavenger hunt on TRDCRFT was notoriously difficult and took nearly 2 years for the codes to the private keys of the prized wallets to be solved then taken custody of.

The difficulty for this giveaway has been reduced and instead of “hunting” for private keys (random alphanumeric characters), you’ll be looking for actual words that will make up the wallet seed.

Wallet address: [claimed]

The wallet seed / mnemonic seed / seed phrase for this wallet is 24 words, of which those words are embedded into some of the pages throughout this site. Find all the words and in the right order and you’ll be the owner of the wallet and .01 Bitcoin.

For the uninitiated, a wallet seed / private key is like a username + password to a bank account that gives you full access to the funds within it.

Obviously I know the wallet seed, so the victor of this scavenger hunt should move the Bitcoin as soon as he or she has access. Not because of me but because others will have some of the words tracked down.

You can verify the wallet’s balance at Blockchain in real time. This should also be used as an indicator of a winner if the Bitcoin has moved or have been used.

This wallet is new with just the single receiving transaction of .01 BTC of which is valued at $611.90 USD as of this writing. The crypto was purchased from the Strike App, then sent to one of my wallets then sent again to this unused wallet.

One percent of a whole Bitcoin may not seem like much but unlike fiat (USD, Euro, Yen etc.) and essentially all other cryptocurrencies, there is a fixed supply of BTC. There will only ever be 21,000,000 Bitcoin to exist, of which nearly 4 million is already lost / inaccessible forever. More can not be minted, ever.

With 8 billion people in the world and just 17 million coins to go around, .01 of a Bitcoin is actually quite valuable, and its value will always increase with time.

There’s been an ongoing scavenger hunt for my go-bags spread across the world for years now. Only a few have been claimed and managing them on-site is all but impossible due to to the pandemic.

And it’s been a while since TRDCRFT did a giveaway so I wanted something special for you all.

Unfortunately, there will only be 1 winner with this giveaway. Whoever finds the 24 words that make up the wallet seed will be the winner.

This scavenger hunt is open to all but only VIP and PRO members will get a tip on finding these words :

On some intel posts, it ends with “[OPTICS: NEGATIVE JE 8392]” but with varying letters and numbers. That’s how you find a word from the wallet seed or the order of the word it’s supposed to be as part of the seed. I can’t tell you more than that but it’s enough to decipher it.

You don’t have to be a cypherpunk, cryptocurrency enthusiast or a codebreaker to play and win this scavenger hunt, but you’ll have to work for it.

As of this post, 22 of the 24 words of the wallet seed have been embedded into the site. The other 2 will be added in intel posts in the near future.

To the winner :    The 24 wallet seed phrase can be entered into the wallet of your choice and the .01 Bitcoin balance will automatically register after synchronizing with the blockchain.

But then you should move the funds to another wallet or an exchange ASAP, to avoid being sniped from someone else who may figure out the seed.

Once the Bitcoin is transferred, no one can touch your spoils, but they can see it and track it, such is the nature of how the BTC network functions.

To retain anonymity and be untrackable, exchange and store your crypto in a Cake Wallet or for more thorough measures do an atomic swap into Monero.

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Published a year ago