We have launched [detcadeR], a spinoff of [tradecraft] which is resistant to prohibitive content regulations (“censorship”) and editorial constraints.

a year ago

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We have launched [detcadeR], a spinoff of [tradecraft] which is resistant to prohibitive content regulations (“censorship”) and editorial constraints.

The content of [trdcrft] has always been somewhat limited and restricted by jurisdictional regulations and our payment processors’ terms of use.

In layman’s terms, we can’t write about certain things because it would get us banned by location or dropped as a PayPal and Stripe merchant, effectively killing our business, and yes, we are a for-profit group.

But we don’t blame the country’s laws our website is viewed in or another company’s own rules that their customer’s should abide with. It is what it is.

Meaning, because of the unique, provocative and sometimes dangerous nature of the subject matter of [trdcrft], some of the content is watered down, edited for “safety” or never makes it to final publication for the reasons mentioned above.

But for 2022, we decided to adapt.

The solution is detcader dot com.

detcadeR = Redacted


You may notice it looks similar to [trdcrft], that’s by design. The subject matter is the same with the same goals and values. [detcadeR] is simply more free to do what [trdcrft] was originally intended for.

If [trdcrft] is rated “R”, then [detcadeR] is rated “NC-17”. If [trdcrft] is the open internet, then [detcadeR] is the darknet (almost).

This means that when there’s content too “extreme” or “dangerous” for [trdcrft], it will be published on [detcadeR] instead. But, [trdcrft] will always be the alpha site, the main intel source with far more content and content types being published on it.

[detcadeR] is new and intel on it still limited to mostly republished content from [trdcrft]. It will take time to develop the content it was created for.

We are able to achieve regulatory and editorial freedom with this new site by removing a highly regulatory service that premium content sites require; credit card / fiat payment processing.

Also, all cookies and trackers have been systematically deleted in the [detcadeR] site code. That means visitors and members of the site remains completely anonymous. Any cookie that followed the visitor to the site is detected and blocked so that it stops it from tracking any further – such as when Facebook’s trackers follow your every click.

There are zero ads or embedded content and we opted to even opt out Google Analytics.

It is the most privacy, security and anonymity abiding website technically possible (for end user), even we don’t know who the visitors and members are.


The membership fee is denominated in Monero XMR and Bitcoin BTC, which are the only payment options as they provide a secure and pseudonymous to completely anonymous way to transact.

If you are not already a current member of this site, you can sign up for [detcadrR] here with crypto.

*For [trdcrft] members:

Current and all future VIP lifetime members of [trdcrft] will get a complimentary lifetime membership with [detcadeR]. But you need to claim your new account and make new credentials. Send us a message to claim your membership, include your [trdcrft] username in the contact form.

Existing PRO annual members of [trdcrft] can get up to 99 percent off a [detcadeR] lifetime membership. To register, select Bitcoin or Monero as your payment method. Follow the directions from either of those pages but ignore the prices and send any amount you desire. It can be the full price amount, half the amount or the minimum your crypto wallet will send. Include your [trdcrft] username and email in the “Note” section when sending with your wallet.

For either type of members, you will be emailed an activation code to finalize your new membership here.


Published a year ago