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The Tradecraft Group

[TRDCRFT] is a lifestyle method guide based on the concepts and strategies of the modern covert operative; CIA, MI6, Mossad and special operations forces. This site is operated by a group of former intelligence agency, security service and military professionals to provide direction for a more strategic and focused life from the ideals and lessons learned as tacticalists, survivalists and intel analysts.

• The founder and editor of TRDCRFT is  a former covert operative of an undisclosed agency and current contractor of various private entities.

• TRDCRFT dot com is a private membership website that requires login credentials to access its intel. Various memberships with full site access can be registered here. The fee will vary over time.

• TRDCRFT is not affiliated with the CIA, SAS, Mossad, NIS, DGSE, FBI, MI6, NSA, CSIS, BND, SVR or any government, intelligence, military or private entity.

[Any seemingly specific details similar to CIA, KGB, MI6 or any individual covert operative reports is purely coincidental but is intentionally altered / misdirected if relevant or related.]

[Details regarding any military or covert operation throughout this site have been redacted accordingly with altered names, dates, locations and objectives – the narratives however, remain mostly intact.]

Tradecraft Assets
Gear, resources and sites for the covert operative or self-sovereign lifestyle operator.