“Listed” Impromptu Safe Houses

When in need of (urban) refuge with no money, available safe house or viable shelter, you can establish your own temporary haven with this method.

3 years ago

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When in need of (urban) refuge with no money, available safe house or viable shelter, you can establish your own temporary haven with this method.

A secure and (typically) hidden in plane sight place where covert operatives or law enforcement seek haven or rest – as well as to conduct operational activities.

The “listed safe house” method is an impromptu way of procuring a space (legitimate property) within a city or suburb to use as a temporary safe house.

“Listed” is a somewhat misleading yet accurate term as it doesn’t regard to a list of actual safe houses.

It refers to active real estate listings.

Using the internet, local classifieds, street browsing or even working directly with a real estate professional, you can find a feasible space to use from the availability of rental and purchase properties.

There are certain required factors to make a “normal” property workable as a temporary safe house:

   [Visitor Probability]       The likelihood and predictability the owner, manager or other associated persons will visit the property at any given time.

[Entry Accessibility]       The practicality and feasibility in which to reach then gain physical access to (and exit from) the property + vicinity.

[Neighbor Visibility]       The level of exposure from nearby occupants and passerby persons that may impose security or operational issues.

With a legitimate but vacant property, after minimal due diligence, you can determine a relative timetable to sustain some level of security and solitude.

Other pertinent factors like applied security, fortification, power sources and locational strategy is secondary with these types of safe houses.

In most cases, this method is more advantageous than an abandoned or condemned property. Because it’s difficult to predict who may enter the property, if it isn’t already occupied or used in some way.

   Live Use Example   ///

I was in a densely populated city and needed a few days to hide and heal. Hotels, associates, outdoor dwellings and a nearby safe house weren’t an option.

After choosing an ideal district, I contacted a local real estate agent found from the internet. I told him I was looking for an apartment in a cheap but brand new condo building – so that there’s very little occupancy.

We met and he gave me a full tour of the building as well as introducing me to the skeleton staff. I asked about the building’s security, current occupancy and if he’s the only agent that has the apartment’s listing – as well as if he’s received much interest in the unit and when was the last time he showed the place.

From that I determined the property to be viable albeit an unequipped safe house for at least 72 hours. Later that night, I acquired supplies and “moved in”. After implementing cascading proximity alert systems throughout the floor, I stayed for 120.

You don’t have to be on an OP or on the run to utilize a “listed safe house”, it’s elemental urban survival.


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