The Deviant Businessman A covert op to clone the cellphone

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The Deviant Businessman

      A covert op to clone the cellphone of a terrorist financier turns into an assassination and an act of collateral justice.

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The Wetwork Club

      A target extraction of a notorious mafia lieutenant from a nightclub in Prague utilizing a different kind of “wetwork”.

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The Secret Island Hideout

      The long and arduous journey to a remote safe house in uncharted Mexico, a spy story of escapism.

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The Phantom Sniper Deception

      A business deal to procure documents from a drug lord, with the tradecraft tactic of the phantom shooter method.

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The Death Tree of Life

      Infiltration of a cult compound deep within North Korea to identify leadership and collect soil samples.

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The Warfare Ruin Hotel

      Evasion from a hostile force while trapped in a war torn hotel somewhere in conflicted Eastern Europe.

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The Bratva and The Robot

      Distracting and diverting a Russian mafia captain to gather intelligence. A spy stories electa nima.

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The Jungle Escape and Evasion

      Making it to the EXFIL site after escaping from a moving vehicle from hostiles in the Amazon Jungle of Peru.

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The Cannibal Restaurant

      Locate and confirm the existence of a restaurant serving human flesh of which also operates as passport counterfeiters.

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Spy Stories of Tradecraft in Penang, Malaysia /// [trdcrft]

These covert operations and spy stories have been altered (names, locations, objectives etc.) and detail redacted to be made suitable for non-confidential viewing. Any similar references to other events and operations are purely coincidental.

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