An ultra minimal, formfitting type of backpack for covert wear / concealed carry that also functions as NIJ IIIA body armor or as a combat shield.

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An ultra minimal, formfitting type of backpack for covert wear / concealed carry that also functions as NIJ IIIA body armor or as a combat shield.

Originally conceived as a hidden backpack to be worn under a sweater or jacket, carrying only the crucial essentials with concealment and mobility in mind.

These packs were designed to fit skin tight to the body like compression shirts with the storage compartment aligned to the wearer’s back in a way it wouldn’t “print” or show signs of a backpack.

It would be anatomic with the area from below the shoulders to above the buttocks but kept flat or curved in a way to mimic the wearer’s back.

While wearing a relatively thick or loose fitting top, the backpack disappears as it’s effectively form fitted to the body. Of which could pass visual security searches and depending on the construct of the backpack, pass a light physical pat-down search.

The contents can be anything within size restraints that needs to be concealed for whatever purpose;

  • Documents
  • Money
  • Survival Kit
  • Passport
  • Firearm
  • Surveillance Device
  • Tools
  • Trauma Kit
  • Knife
  • Illicit Cargo
  • These are typically made (custom for each person) from neoprene and a certain kind of gel material that mimics the density and consistency of human flesh.

    Triple Aught Design Stealth Armor Backpack as a Shield /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]

    The Stealth Armor Backpack is a more adaptive and tactical variant, albeit not as concealable.

    It’s 2 parts backpack and 1 part plate carrier.

    This type can be worn covertly as well as overtly like a normal backpack whereas the standard ones must be worn directly on the skin of the person.

    Instead of an item specific designation cut-out in the compartment, this has a traditional pocket to equip it with anything within dimensions to suit needs.

    There’s also internal MOLLE integration for 3 items to be “holstered” (e.g., knife, baton, flashlight), to deploy responsively, quickly and efficiently by reaching around back (or the front if worn on the chest).

    Instead of using the aforementioned “human gel” to give the backpack the correct shape, semi-rigid Kevlar armor was used. Rated at NIJ level IIIA , it can withstand multiple pistol rounds. A corresponding titanium plate is integrated for stab resistance.

    Stealth Armor Backpack as a Shield /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]

    So when equipped as a backpack, it seconds as body armor, despite its limited coverage. It’s a bag with armor capabilities, not the other way around.

    By placing the hand inside the pocket to grasp the internal handle and the shoulder straps wrapped around the forearm, it becomes a compact combat shield (buckler shield). Capable of stopping bullets, edged blades, spikes, shrapnel and melee attacks.

    While obviously not as substantial and protective as a full assault shield, it’s quite useful for impromptu scenarios when all you have is a backpack.

    This keeps an arm free to maneuver through counter CQC / defense while “deflecting” with the other.

       Constructing Your Own :

    There’s more than one way to make your own.

    For this particular pack; TAD Transporter Tail as the compartment, “seat belt” webbing was used as the shoulder straps and Ally One as the body armor.

    Each component has to be modified then sewn on to each other accordingly. The internal MOLLE is also sewn on, using standard nylon webbing in the desired areas. The handle for shield use is 325 paracord, integrated internally onto the bottom.

    The armor panel is not just for protection but to give the backpack shape to flow with your back, so that when it’s full with items, there’s no bulges or printing.

    -Full instructions will be posted in future intel.

    It’s important to understand that a Stealth Armor Backpack is not intended to carry as much as you can, it’s to carry what you can – when you “can’t”.

    Just as important, it’s always a carrying device first, protective device second – there’s far superior and purpose made body armor and shields for that.

    But as with any tool or kit, it’s only good if you happen to have it when you need it. Which is where this pack excels. It can be on you at all times, including while looking like you’re not wearing a pack.

    It can be worn as a standalone backpack, concealed under a jacket, under an actual backpack, on the chest alone or also with a backpack and finally attached on or under traditional plate carriers and body armor.

    It’s the persistent go-bag, the tradecraft backpack.

    [FEATURED GEAR : SOCP Dagger, Ti Tactical Pen and 511 Rapid L1 Flashlight]

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