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What is tradecraft?

    A set of skills, directive guidelines and mentalities of operating as a spy, covert agent, intelligence asset or handler. For the purposes of functioning optimally in espionage and special operations.

Who is this website for?

    It’s for anyone who wants to enhance their everyday lives and professions by integrating the ways and ideals of tradecraft, urban survival, life hacking, nomadism and minimalism.

What is the PRO Membership?

    It's a premium account required to access all the features and content of TRDCRFT. There are some free content available to the general public but most intel requires you to be logged in for full access.

What is the VIP Membership?

    It's effectively the same as PRO but is a lifetime account as suppose to monthly / yearly and can only be upgraded through here, paid once. Additionally, this includes a membership to [REDACTED].

Do you offer any free options?

    Yes, you can join our Substack, 'Tradecraft Guide' for free. The content is of the same topics and subjects.

How do I cancel my membership?

    You can cancel at anytime easily and instantly through your user interface while you're logged into the TRDCRFT website.

Can I pay with PayPal?

    Yes, but not directly through the site. Please contact us for an invoice and one will be created.

Can I pay with crypto?

    Yes, but not directly through the site. Please contact us for instructions how to do this. Alternately, you can use Bitcoin or Monero to sign up for [detcadeR].

What is your refund policy?

    Due to the nature of content property, a refund request must be sent to us no later than 60 minutes after the activation of the account for a full refund. No refunds are offered after the 60 minutes.

How is my data handled?

    Your personal data will never be shared or sold to another party. The minimum is kept securely for our records to manage your site experience.Credit/debit card details goes through and are only kept with Stripe.

How do I contact TRDCRFT?

    You can reach us by email at or through our Instagram account at @trdcrft.

    - Partnership

Can I get paid for referring new members?

    Yes, we offer partner level profit-sharing with our affiliate program. You earn 50% of all income you refer for the life of those accounts; monthly and yearly. Like a partner, you'll earn money indefinitely for every referred member, recurringly. Learn more here.

How does the partnership work?

    Once you're registered, you will be provided a unique link and partner account dashboard page. Whenever someone uses that link to sign up with TRDCRFT, you will receive half the income generated from each member "forever". Payments are sent monthly with a low threshold via PayPal, Wise or cryptocurrency.

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