A covert titanium special circumstance edged device in the dimensions of a standard credit card. Tactically street practical for seamless EDC.

3 years ago

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A covert titanium special circumstance edged device in the dimensions of a standard credit card. Tactically street practical for seamless EDC.

Microtech is known for high-end and engineering feats of edged weaponry, particularly their automatics.

The Assailant Card is essentially just a solid piece of titanium, making it the simplest of their line but it still retains Microtech’s build method of perfection.

“Credit card knives” have been around for quite some time and there is much to choose from. But most are low quality novelty pieces that lack functionality.

The Microtech Assailant works. Not just as a backup utility cutting device for tool purposes but also as an impromptu self defense apparatus, as intended.

It fits in any credit card slot because of its matching size although it’s slightly thicker. So the convenience of carry is apparent as is its deployment for certain situations.

The full beta titanium card construction allows for even less disruption of carry for everyday purposes as well as for non-permissive environments; featherweight, nonmagnetic and low profile.

For a credit card shaped knife to be effective for light combat purposes, the tricky part is proper grip.

The Microtech Assailant Card utilizes the limited material space to create the best possible handle and traction for such a shape. It has 2 perfectly placed finger holes (index and middle fingers) aligned with an exterior finger groove for the ring finger and thumb.

When gripped properly, it provides for a surprisingly firm and confident grip, furthermore, it’s positioned just right for both deep and quick cutting motions, bilaterally.

The knife “handle” also makes any method of carry into a fast speed holster; wallet, money clip, etc. By using one of the finger holes as a tab to slide (deploy) the card out then seamlessly grip it for action in 1.5 motions.

The blade of the Microtech Assailant($) has a rounded point that matches the other corners of the card to further embody a “credit card” design and makes it more convenient to carry than with a cutting point. The chisel blade is carbidized throughout for exceptional edge retention and razor (if not micro serrated) sharpness.

Because of the relative softness of titanium (in regards to blade metallurgy), the edge is self-sharpening with every use. As the titanium wears off, the carbidizing will remain, shaping the remaining metal to be sharper and sharper with every cut and slice.

The Assailant Card by Microtech /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]

The card is coated in matte black DLC with gold logo and descriptions. As with most other Microtech products, the production date is stamped prominently. But as with all Microtechs, the finishing and detailing is flawless.

Due to its solid and singular titanium material with the form factor of something as innocuous and concealable as a credit card, the Assailant Card is highly ideal for carry in places and situations where tactical and defense tools are not permissive.

Obviously there is no imprinting on the wielder when “holstered”, I experimented on less visual but more intrusive methods of detection from concealment, such as airports. These were my results:

At 2 different international airports for 4 flights I had the Card placed among my tech cables and adaptors of my carry-on luggage. Security checks detected nothing.

For 2 other international flights, I placed them with my credit cards and my Tensul money clip on my person through security and it was not detected.

However, I strongly advise you not to board any commercial flight with any questionable items in your possession.

The Assailant Card is not for everyone and is not intended to be a primary, duty or combat tool, however, it’s not a gimmick as with most other “card tools”.

A unique tool in the shape of a card that’s designed as best as a cutting instrument can be in such a form.


Published 3 years ago