The following equipment and kits have been or were intended for the field by members of certain intelligence, security and private (PMC) military agencies.

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*Additional equipment will be added over time.

Tradecraft Gear - Titanium Escape Bracelet /// [trdcrft]

Escape Bracelet

This is one of the last prototypes in this series of covert escape bracelets. Every single component is made from titanium alloy, as to avoid detection from metal detectors. Although that’s just a secondary concealment factor as it’s supposed to look like a piece of jewelry – worn overtly.

Tools include a split-pawl handcuff shim, carbidized razor and micro saw. A matching titanium extension chain will be included that can be used to increase the size of the bracelet to fit larger wrists.

Guest: $2500     |     Member: $2200

Tradecraft Gear - Titanium CQC Screwdriver /// [trdcrft]

CQC Screwdriver

A common tool among CIA field operatives. In essence it’s just a flathead screwdriver, which is the point – for non-permissive environments. But these are non-magnetic as it’s made from titanium originally designed for working on MRI machines. -Full details »»»

The handle is hand sculpted specifically for stabbing, but works for turning perfectly fine. The entire tool is is coated with tactical black matte Duracoat.

Guest: $80     |     Member: $70

Tradecraft Gear - Cell Phone Jammer Wrist Watch /// [trdcrft]

Cell Jammer Watch

The body of this device is an actual Casio Calculator Watch, with the internals completely replaced with a proprietary mechanism. It blocks all cellular and WiFi signals when activated, with a range of 6 meters.

Be aware that this has a tamper resistant casing, any attempt to open the mechanism will destroy its components – this is to prevent reverse engineering. Full specs will be shared to the buyer upon purchase.

Guest: $5000     |     Member: $4600

Tradecraft Gear - Raidops Titanium Knuck /// [trdcrft]

Raidops AC Knuck

A highly concealable and low profile “brass knuckles” tool. Machined out of titanium, resistant to metal detector scanners. This has been heavily coated with several layers of tactical black matte Duracoat for enhanced grip and glare / visibility reduction.

These are not recommended for individuals with unusually large hands or very thick fingers.

Guest: $75     |     Member: $65

Tradecraft Gear - KA-BAR Knife Combo /// [trdcrft]

KA-BAR Combo

This is a highly effective dual blade carry system, used by some in the military elite. It’s one part TDI Investigator (backup) and one part TDI Hell Fire (primary). These are not particularly ideal for utility but obviously excel for combatives and or self-defense.

Each of these knives can be purchased individually here and here for a total of about $120.

Guest: $70     |     Member: $65

Tradecraft Gear - Graphene Knife /// [trdcrft]

Graphene Knife

Made from an experimental graphene / carbon compound. The smallest possible weapon while still retaining devastating stopping power that’s also undetectable through metal detectors and X-ray scanners, as well as resistant to physical searches.

There was only 10 of these made. Be aware that this is a single-engagement tool, meaning it is meant to be used once. This is because the blade is designed to break off and shatter inside the body.

Guest: $1000     |     Member: $900

Tradecraft Gear - Leather Sap and ASP Baton Combo /// [trdcrft]

Sap / Baton Combo

A highly regarded pair of impact force blunt weapons. The compact yet formidable ASP P12 Expandable Baton and a Mean Gene Leather Sap that’s disguised as a coin purse that self “holsters” to your belt.

Each of these tools can be purchased individually here and here for a total of about $100.

Guest: $65     |     Member: $60


Tradecraft Gear - Stealth Armor Backpack /// [trdcrft]

Stealth Armor Backpack

An extremely low profile Kevlar vest / plate carrier / ballistic shield / backpack hybrid. Can be concealed under clothes or worn normally on the back or front of the body. Offers NIJ IIIA level protection for bullets as well as ceramic plating for knife piercing resistance. -Details »»»

This was one of only three made. Based off of the Triple Aught Design Transport Tail.

Guest: $600     |     Member: $520

Tradecraft Gear - Raidops CQB Tool /// [trdcrft]

Raidops CQB Tool

One of best of this kind of pry bar ever made, unfortunately it was not mass produced nor is it being produced again. Constructed from solid titanium to function as any other pry bar of this type but also ergonomically shaped for combative purposes (impact striking implement), hence the name “CQB”.

The integrated clip is stainless steel, but can be removed for full non-permissive environment capability – such as metal detection.

Guest: $80     |     Member: $70

Tradecraft Gear - Body Scanner Suppressor Graft /// [trdcrft]

Security Body Scanner Suppressor Graft

A gel graft applied to the skin like an adhesive to conceal objects from full-body scanners and other X-ray devices, by inducing the spot area to mimic flesh. When scanned, the items avoid “visual” detection by making it appear as if there’s just more skin. Measures 1.5″ x 1″. It is for single use.

This contains small amounts of latex and may cause a reaction if you are allergic. -Full details »»»

Guest: $400     |     Member: $320

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