When deciding who you want to be your leader, the person that will affect your way of life and country’s way of being, consider basic social tradecraft:

2 years ago

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When deciding who you want to be your leader, the person that will affect your way of life and country’s way of being, consider basic social tradecraft:

I don’t like that man…
I must get to know him better.  -Abraham Lincoln

I just sent in my absentee ballot for the US 2020 Presidential election because I’m overseas. But I don’t want to tell you who I voted for as not to influence who you should vote for. But I do want to tell you how you should decide to choose who you should vote for.

Growing up in New York City, streetball was my favorite thing to do before discovering girls, to spend my time after school and during summer breaks. I was an average player, not great, but a good captain.

We had a winning team one summer, dominating our hood with a so-called championship game on one of the last days before we had school again. Over that summer I made friends with a new kid that just moved to our district, became best friends. Long story short, in our final game, I chose him as our point guard over our best player simply because he was my boy.

Also, that best player, we had a little beef going. So I let my emotions alter my better judgement and we lost.

I didn’t pick the best person for the job, I picked the person I most liked. I chose my personal needs over the greater good of the team. Hurting not just the team but myself as well. But I learned my lesson.

Voting is hiring an employee, not picking a friend.

Years later as an operative, I was put in a much different situation but with a similar position of power. I was tasked to select which Chief of Police (equivalent) candidate to back and secure his election.

It was in a small city in a country that barely registers with the UN, rife with political corruption and vital to have order with an honest Chief, for our own agenda.

Of the 4 candidates, 1 was totally incompetent for such a position and another was too openly corrupt. That left me with 2. The first man I met was a handsome gentleman with obvious leadership strength and extensive experience in the military. The other man was an ugly mess of an unkept man with a long but mundane record on the force.

The Handsome Man and I got along like old drinking buddies. Exceptionally charismatic with a magnetic personality impossible not to be charmed by. We talked with fluid chemistry, chatting about everything and anything like life long friends. However, despite all of his words and slickness of how he said them, it lacked substance with no real understanding of policy or empathy for those he would be charged with leading over. I saw through him, he was a sociopath.

The Ugly Man and I had brutally dry and unstimulating conversations. It was like watching already dried paint fade. That is until we got out of his personal life and got into policy and how he would lead. Soft spoken and seemingly bashful on the surface, I realized underneath that feeble exterior is a leader, a man with brilliant ideas and a resounding sense of justice and a respect for the greater good. I saw a powerful leader disguised as a powerless follower.

So I found my Chief of Police. But we still had to have a proper and legitimate election with the 4 candidates.

Our asset within the Handsome Man’s crew uncovered he was stealing from his own campaign from donations from the people. We found out through another source he was also planning on using his military connections to intimidate voters at polling stations from voting on election day.

We exposed the Handsome Man while amplifying the Ugly Man’s message and it was a landslide. The Ugly Man won and has won every election since. Because the people chose a person to do a job for them, not a friend to hang out with them.

When voting for any election, especially something as important as the leader of the free world, don’t pick the person you think you would like as a friend. Vote for the person that you think would do a good job.

You don’t have to like the candidate or even be in the same political party, all that matters is if that person can do a better job than the other.

Elections rarely don’t have an incumbent. Meaning that you can look back at the current candidate’s work since they were elected and measure how they did. Are you better off? Is the country in a better place? Is the nation stronger, richer and greater?

Judge an incumbent as an employee like you’re doing a job review of their performance since they were hired.

Is the company better or worse than when the employee started? Have they kept their promises, taken responsibility, fulfilled their duties, made the brand more successful and created a better future?

The beauty of the right to vote is that there is no wrong choice. You can vote for whoever you want, that’s why voting is so vital to a democracy.

But if you vote objectively, you can make a better choice. A better choice for the greater good.

To vote objectively, choose the person most fitted for the job, not the most fitted to your personality.

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Published 2 years ago