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Covert Operative Guide
CIA Training Method


The Difference Between Responding and Reacting in Tactical Situations

In any self-defense or combat offense situation, it's always important to be able to respond quickly and effectively.

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Covert Operative Tradecraft Training Guide

〉The Tradecraft Guide〈

    Skillset, lifestyle and professional tactics + concepts of the CIA, Mossad, MI6, VDR and US Special Operations Forces. The TRDCRFT site is focus on a more decisive state of mind and being. By the deliberate practice and strategic application of tacticalism, nomadism, minimalism, adventurism and urban survivalism to everyday life – the directive covert agent lifestyle methodology. * Tradecraft is a dynamic guideline of techniques and proficiency measures as well as relevant equipment and human resources. Developed or adapted for use in the dexterity of intelligence operations and functionality. A tactician and strategist approach to planning, control, performance and execution. A mindset directive of operating just as effective when utilized in everyday life. Also known as the CIA training method. The operative lifestyle guide to operate deliberately with strategy and purpose, precision and preparedness, in a more engaged, optimized and adaptable way of life and professional direction with intelligence craft concepts, active urban survival guide directives and special forces military training.

    // Tradecraft :: trād-ˌkraft // Less formally referred to as “spycraft”, it’s the methodologies and philosophies of engaging in clandestine operations and general espionage.The skillsets, techniques, CIA training directives and mindsets associated with the trade are designed to optimize mission objective parameters, operational cohesion and personnel capability / viability. With strategic implementation, tradecraft can be applied to augment any other profession or standardized into everyday “normal” lifestyles. Incorporating the applicable ways of the covert agent to your own ways of operating. Effectively modernized urban survival tactics. This website does not pertain to how to become a covert operative, intelligence agent or clandestine operative – including but not limited to engaging in espionage (spycraft) or any type of government sanctioned or sponsored covert operation. Instead using those skillsets and CIA training directives (tradecraft definition) to shape a more deliberate lifestyle with applied urban survival. By using the information and opinions provided by this site, you agree to use its content at your own risk. TRDCRFT assumes no responsibility or liability from any potential damages incurred – legal or otherwise.

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