The Thyrm CellVault-18 is a compact precision polymer storage container for small kits but specifically designed for 18650 + 18350 batteries.

2 years ago

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The Thyrm CellVault-18 is a specialty technical storage device with universal MOLLE integration capabilities. Although designed to fit a 18650 battery perfectly, it’s also perfect for focused urban survival kits, SERE items, meds, rolled up cash and other small items. It’s submersible, tough and has endless ways to carry and or pack it, in a bag, a loadout or EDC.

Thyrm CellVault-18 Review

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*The Thyrm CellVault-18 is the second generation and most advanced model. Available in black, flat dark earth, olive drab, light gray and bright orange color options as well as various different sizes.


Published 2 years ago